Our operations throughout the Covid-19

Delivery locations, Currently we only offer deliver to these following areas

  • Bracknell
  • Wokingham
  • Ascot
  • Crowthorne
  • Sandhust
  • Camberley
  • Winnersh
  • Lower Early

Please note this also includes local surrounding territories for instance under Wokingham Barkham will be included.

Same day deliveries leave us at approx. 4pm and are generally delivered between 5-8pm. Whilst we aim to offer near guaranteed same day delivery in some circumstances this may not be possible and we will always update you if this is the case.

Social distancing Policy

We offer a safe and secure way of paying for your goods, We can accept debit or credit card at the door including contactless payment up to the value of £45 (no value for chip and pin) How this works is :
  1.  We will place the goods in a secure bag on your doorstep with our card reader, we knock and then stand well back from the door
  2.  When you answer you can make payment via our card machine
  3.  We will confirm payment and then wait for you to take your goods and close the door, to which we will then collect our card reader and leave.

We can accept cash too, along side our card reader we will leave an empty bag, you can place the cash into the bag and leave with the card reader again we will collect after you re-enter your home. We would prefer exact money if possible to limit the exchange of money.

If you are self isolation due to symptoms of Covid-19 or have any special requests please contact us using the contact us link at the top right of the home page or by calling us on the number shown.

Payment methods we accept

  •  Cash at the Door on delivery
  •  Payment via Debit or credit card at the door
  •  Bank Transfer before delivery


Whilst we wish we could guarantee every item will work 100% due to mass manufacture this is not always the case, we are here to help. Please follow the below steps for resolution.

Hardware Returns

  1.  Email or call us letting us know the issue and we will guide you through some trouble shooting.
  2.  If this does not resolve the issue and we believe it maybe for instance a faulty coil, we will arrange to deliver a replacement part.
  3.  If this does not seem viable we will arrange collection of the item for testing.
  4.  If the item does not replicate the fault or is something that is common and easy to correct we will do so and return the item (All items will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected)
  5.  If we cannot sort the issue out we will speak with you about replacing the item or issuing a refund. Please note if you paid using credit or debit card a refund can take approx. 2-5 days to return to your bank, we cannot speed this process up and is due to bank processing times, we will issue the refund the same day. We CANNOT offer cash in return for a card payment.

Juice and Coil Returns

Only in rare circumstances can we accept any Juice or coil returns, this is strictly to do with hygiene. Even if unopened accept in the case of coils where provided no seals or foil has been broken we can offer replacements if purchased in error. It is widely accepted that due to many health concerns once a bottle of E-Liquid is handed over and delivered it cannot be returned, unless there is a manufacturing defect. Although juice flavours are displayed, due to flavourings sometimes they may not reflect the flavour you imagined, unfortunately due to the variance of taste buds and how we perceive flavours we cannot accept returns for this purpose.

We ask that no items are posted back to us due to our physical shop being closed and also aim to collect any items within 24hrs.

Above all we wish everyone good health and be safe. Protect the NHS and Save lives.