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  • Candy Burst 60ml
    Candy Burst 60ml

    Flavours  Raspberry Sherbet - Raspberries and fizzy sherbet Strawberry...

  • Ice cream King 100ml
    Ice cream King 100ml

    Flavours  Marshmallow - Fluffy marshmallow ice cream flavoured...

  • Top Pud 170ml
    Top Pud 170ml

    PLEASE NOTE THIS IS 170ML BOTTLE  Flavours Crazy Ice cream - Neapolitan...

  • Medusa Vapes 200ml
    Medusa Vapes 200ml

    Flavours Blueberry Crush - Smooth and creamy blueberry smoothie...

  • Park Lane 60ml
    Park Lane 60ml

    Flavours Strawberry & Cream scone - A Classic British delight...

  • Tasty Bake 60ml
    Tasty Bake 60ml

    Flavours  Apple Crumble & Custard - Tart apple and creamy custard...

  • Flavour Treats 100ml
    Flavour Treats 100ml

    Flavours  Fried Waffle - Deep fried waffle goodness Strawberries &...

  • Active Vape 100ml
    Active Vape 100ml

    Flavours  Rainbow chew - Taste the rainbow in this sweet vape Berry...

  • Scorpion Blood 100ml
    Scorpion Blood 100ml

    Flavours Tropical Fruits - A wonderful mix of tropical flavours...

  • Jolly Ranger 100ml
    Jolly Ranger 100ml

    Flavours Blackberry & Raspberry - A wonderful mix of 2 great...


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  • PLEASE NOTE THE BEST BY DATE HAS JUST PAST ON REMANING FLAVOURS BUT STILL FINE TO VAPE. Sour man 200ml E-Liquid Flavours :  Grape Blue Raspberry Green Apple Watermelon Ice* Blue Raspberry Ice* *Contains a cool kick NEED NICOTINE? GRAB SOME HERE 4 x 18mg shots will make 3mg 70% VG - 30%PG

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    Flavours Dark Fruit & Citrus - Dark Fruit with Tangy Citrus Orange Sorbet - Fresh, juicy orange blended with tangy sorbet Amsterdam Jam - Caramel, Waffle and Strawberry Jam Banana Split - Ripe banana and vanilla ice-cream Sicillian Lemonade Lolly - Zesty and refreshing Lemonade NEED NICOTINE? GRAB SOME HERE 100ml High VG

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items