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  • Massacre 100ml
    Massacre 100ml

    Flavours  Conspiracy - Sicilian Lemon & Cherry with creamy...

  • Sluuurp 100ml
    Sluuurp 100ml

    Flavours, 100ml Blue - The iconic slurp flavour, sweet and tangy blue...

  • Elles New York Cafe 100ml
    Elles New York Cafe 100ml

    Flavours. 100ml Chewy Cookie - A gooey on the inside yet crunchy on the...

  • Freemax M Pro 2 Coils Pk3
    Freemax M Pro 2 Coils Pk3

    Freemax M Pro 2 Coils,  M1 Mesh - 0.15ohm 40-70W and is best vaped at 65W

  • Fluidz 200ml
    Fluidz 200ml

    Flavours Strawberry Milkshake - A creamy, Sweet flavour delivering...

  • The Steam DR 100ml
    The Steam DR 100ml

    Flavours ClockPunk - Creamy & fruity Blueberry Custard RetroGunge -...

  • Opala 100ml
    Opala 100ml

    Flavours  Lychee, Peach & Apple - Sweet lychee, aromatic peach...

  • Hyper 60ml
    Hyper 60ml

    Flavours Raging Spirit -Blackcurrant, Berries & Grape Beast Mode -...

  • Luna 60ml
    Luna 60ml

    Flavours Sour Pineapple Cubes - A tropical pineapple flavour with...

  • Boss 200ml *NEW FLAVOURS*
    Boss 200ml *NEW FLAVOURS*

    Flavours  Apple Pie - American style Apple Pie. Tang! - A strong...

  • Whipped Goodness 200ml
    Whipped Goodness 200ml

    This vanilla cream-based Eliquid whipped up to perfection in the kitchen...

  • Razz & Jazz by Twelve Monkey 60ml
    Razz & Jazz by Twelve Monkey 60ml

    Made by the creators of Twelve Monkeys Flavours Original Raspberry - An...


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